About us

Our Mission

Around 1.2 billion people around the world live without access to grid electricity. Of this number, 600 million live in Africa.

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of the electricity grid in the UK and to provide an infrastructure of smart grids that will provide electricity in Africa.

In Africa we will work with partners to create new, resilient energy grids using renewable energy generation.

Management Team

Tim Cantle-Jones - Managing Director

Tim is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who over the last 30 years has taken a number of businesses from start up to growth in the UK and Africa.

Steve Todd - Technology Director

Steve is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur who is excited about the future business opportunities that smart distributed grids are creating.

Our partners on this journey are Plexus Innovation, Zeco Energy, EMS Contracting, SGC Meters, TFE Energy and Smart Grid Networks.

Plexus Innovation
Zeco Energy

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