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You consent to Smart Grid Controls Ltd processing your data including storage and contact. Your data will be stored until a formal contract is created which lasts 7 years or until a time where it is clear a formal contract cannot be formed due to eligibility or lack of interest. If all attempts to contact are unsuccessful your data will be removed after 3 months, at this time you will need to re-consent in order for us to process your data again. You have the right to remove your consent or rectify your data at any time by contacting us directly via telephone on 0191 5009761 or via email at, we have 30 days to respond to your request to remove or rectify your data, this is in line with GDPR, we have the right to extend this by an additional 30 days, however, we will inform you if this extension is required and why.  To read in more detail about how we store and process your data please view our privacy policy which you’ll find on our website.

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