Smart Mini-Grids

We provide smart mini-grids controls to improve electrification in the UK and supply power for the first time to communities in Africa.

Smart mini-grids are decentralised energy generation and distribution systems, built to supply communities who do not have access to a conventional electricity grid.


Smart mini-grids can be built using single or multiple generation sources, with grids with more than one source known as hybrid systems. Hybrid systems can incorporate diesel generation and one or more renewable sources such as solar PV, hydro, wind or biomass.


For grids without diesel generators, a battery storage system will typically be included to balance supply and demand and the intermittent generation patterns associated with renewable energy sources. Mini-grids can also be connected - or tied-to main grids in order to help balance supply and demand.  


Grid controls can be built into smart mini-grids which will ensure the distribution of available power is managed effectively and according to agreed priorities. For example, a clinic or health-centre being priority.


Customers will pay for electricity produced by the smart mini-grid, with pay-as-you-go smart meters that are developed specifically for use with off-grid solutions.


  • Solar PV, battery and local grid integration

  • Electrical Infrastructure

  • Wireless metering and demand side control

  • Local intelligent controller Block-Chain integration at the hardware level


  • Software Smart mini grid management web portal

  • Flexible customer payment system, pre-payment and pay as you go

  • Automated fraud detection

  • Commissioning and maintenance tools

Software Minimise capital and operational costs

  • Reduce the initial project costs by minimising the amount of Solar PV and Battery via smart grid control (load shedding, load shifting and load limiting)

  • Additional Solar and PV can be added once demand has been proven

  • Self-service payment systems for customers

  • Online customer management portal

  • Block-Chain integration to track ownership, assets, generation, consumption and payment

Accelerate mini grid role out

  • Standard hardware and software stack

  • Providing confidence in public and private investors

  • Design, installation and commissioning consultation

  • Operational training

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