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Enabling the Energy Revolution


Energy is a scarce resource which we must learn to manage more carefully if we are to meet the challenges of climate change and ever increasing demand for energy.


The global energy sector is on the verge of fundamental and revolutionary change, as over the next five years we see the transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear power to a future where all of our energy needs are met by renewable energy.


Renewable energy requires new types of infrastructure to be developed in order that its benefits can be fully harnessed and optimised.

Air Source Heat Pump Engineer Daikin

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps provide a clean form of central heating which is ideal for households that are off the gas network.

Smart Grid Controls work in partnership with the Renewable Heat Finance Company to provide funding for air source heat pump installations. For further information, fill out our enquiry form today.

Renewable Heat Finance Company
Electric Car Charging Point

EV Charging Points

Smart Grid Controls can install workplace EV charging points. 


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