Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are a form of heating which extracts warmth from the air, even when it's very cold outside. This warm air is used to heat your home and produce hot water. 

An Air Source Heat Pump works in a very similar way to gas central heating. A unit is attached to the outside of your home converting the heat from the outside air, to room heating and hot water. 

For homes that are not connected to the gas network an air source heat pump can be a very efficient method of heating your home. With a saving of up to 40% on your energy bills, compared to heating your home with oil or electricity. 

Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps

Smart Grid Controls can provide funding towards the cost of supplying and fitting your air source heat pump, as we are registered with Ofgem as a nominated investor under a scheme called Assignment of Rights. Under the Assignment of Rights scheme, we can offer up to £6,500 up front funding towards the cost of your new central heating system powered by an air source heat pump.
Complete our enquiry form to find out how much you are eligible for or call us on 0191 500 9761 to find out more.

Air Source Heat Pump - Daikin
How Air Source Heat Pumps work